Welcome to my blog

img_4226Although I am typing words to write my first blog, I have to admit that I don’t like to write or even read blogs until yesterday. I am a very lazy and impulsive person who only concentrates on beautiful photos and interesting short videos, so it is incredible for me to operate my own blog.  But yesterday, I browsed a lot of blogs of different people, I am attracted by blog. Its length is good for us to express our idea comprehensively and precisely; its form helps us to find more like-minded people; most importantly, writing a blog enables us to summarize useful information, which is different from sending a short joke on twitter. Therefore, blog is really help me, and for you.

I open this blog is to share some useful and interesting marketing information with you. Maybe you think it is nothing to do with you. But I have to tell you that it does influence you a lot in your daily life. At morning, you open your computer to know where to buy the cheapest  toilet paper, it is marketing; at noon, you use the coupon got from Groupon to eat at a nearby restaurant, it is marketing; at night, you watch an fascinating video made by Zara on Instagram and  decide to buy a sweater from Zara, it is marketing. Furthermore, each person can be an individual brand, the more followers you have, the more expensive your account is. So, after knowing these facts, do you still think marketing is not worthwhile to learn about?

It’s indeed an exciting thing to start writing my own blog. In the following several months, I would like to share the latest marketing trend, some typical marketing cases and useful tips, etc.. I would also like to share some interesting photos and videos. If you are interested in these, my blog is the place you want.

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