MUJI: The Simplest Is The Best


Are you tired with the impetuous world? Are you bored with the busy life? Do you want to pursue a peaceful moment to feel how good our lives can be? If your answer is yes, you need to take a look at MUJI, which enables you to live close to nature to enjoy a comfortable and cozy life.

MUJI, which was established during the 1980s, is a famous Japanese retail company that sells various household and consumer goods. Its goods are distinguished by the natural and simple design, the recyclable material and the “no-logo” policy. The following several items are MUJI’s best sellers.(Acrylic Case 5 Drawers and Aroma Disffuser) All of them can show the concept of MUJI.

Acrylic Case 5 Drawers.JPG        Aroma Diffuser 2.JPG

Besides the good design, the quality of MUJI is also pretty reliable. According to, most MUJI’s goods get a score more than 4.4 out of 5. Many consumers write about how these goods are beautiful, useful and reliable.

Although MUJI have a couple of advantages that make it successful, it can’t promote several kinds of goods like makeups well because of its market positioning. MUJI introduce the conception of using natural and eco-friendly items. So, every time people think of MUJI, they would not combine MUJI with colorful makeups. In this way, if MUJI sell things like lips, it can’t compete with professional makeup companies like Tom Ford and Armani.

Furthermore, MUJI does well in the digital marketing. Its marketing group manage different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and so on. Although they don’t have as many followers as other brands, including Ikea, their followers are more loyal and activate. Almost 14% of their followers will watch their each video posted on Instagram, but only 4% of Ikea, which is a competitor of MUJI, will watch the video on Ikea’s page. As for the reason why the customers of MUJI love it a lot, the main reason must be the creative and distinctive advertisements. They usually put several objects on the screen and show how can it be used by people in daily life. The light tone, arbitrary action and airy music can let viewers enjoy a tranquil life. The following are several moments of MUJI’s best advertisements. It asks one question “what is MUJI” and doesn’t give any answer in the end. But you can know the answer after watching it.

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In my opinion, MUJI is an interesting brand. It has different kinds of unique products, a clear marketing positioning and a good digital marketing strategy. All of these characteristics enable MUJI to become one of the most popular retail company all over the world. If you are interested in MUJI, don’t hesitate, these goods are better than what you expected.

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