Some thoughts after seeing myself through the lens


Several days ago, our professor asked us to took a Fascination Advantage Test which is created by Sally Hogshead and can reveal how the world see us. The all things you need to do is to complete 28 questions. Here is an video about what’s it!

Before I heard this at the first time, I had done dozens of similar questionnaires, all of them asked a question and then gave me a simple analysis, which can represent most people. Therefore, at that time, I thought this questionnaire was very useless. However, after doing this, although there were a couple of descriptions different from me, I still found it had several right points. In other words, it’s not totally right but somewhat useful.


There are seven advantages for people, including Innovation, mystique, passion, alert, trust, power and prestige. The author combine two of them to create 49 results for participants. 4.JPG

For me, my primary one is Mystique, and my second one is Innovation. The two characteristics are combined to “The Secret Weapon”. Moreover, my six of the seven advantages are far higher than the average level (The maximum is 10 and the average is 6-7, most advantages are the 8-10) except the Trust.

3.jpgThis is what I looks like when I first saw it because it’s totally different from my expectation. I am a positive, lovely, trustful and sometimes stupid guy in the eyes of my friends. Besides, I am not a quiet worker either. So, it’s hard to combine Mystique and Innovation with me. But I agree with several points like making every detail more influential, remaining calm in situations of pressure and so on.

Since everything came out from the questionnaire, I decided to know the reason why it’s far from my expectation. When I thought about the questions in the questionnaire, I found three reasons for the difference. First, there is a cultural difference. The questions are mainly about lifestyle and work. But as an Asian people, I care more about my family and friends. As the result, I can’t express myself thoroughly. Second, some of the seven advantages are achievements instead of personalities. So, it’s not a good idea to use all of them to describe people. Third, we can make different impressions on different people, and most of these impressions are not what we think about ourselves. Therefore, it is reasonable that I can find something unexpected.


Admittedly, I don’t agree with all content of the report, but I have to say it’s beneficial for both the marketer (Sally Hogshead) and the participants. For the marketer, she uses a good way to come across her ideas and become more famous. After becoming more famous, she will be invited to more activities like TED and get more opportunities. For the participants, they can use the report they get to know their intense focuses and dormant advantages even though the report is not totally right. This is a good way to analyze and explore themselves.Once they think this is useful, they will introduce it to their friends, which becomes a kind of earned media. All in all, this is really a successful and helpful marketing not only because it attracts millions of participants, but also because it helps plenty of people. If you want to have a try of this test, you can click the link below.

TED talk about the Fascination Advantage Test:




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