The outstanding UX in my eyes.

Hey, everybody.Today, I’d like to share my opinions about the User Experience(UX) of an amazing sport company whose stock increased by more than 50% in the last year.

puma-stockWhat came to your mind when I mentioned sport?  The first one might be Adidas, which is loved by numerous consumers for its comfortable fabrics, fascinating design and  popularity among celebrities. However, the one I will talk about later is Adidas’ brother, Puma.

Puma established in 1948, it experienced plenty of business transformations and overcame a lot of difficulties in the past several decades and finally becomes a large public company. But in 2013, because Puma was undergoing one of its biggest reorganizations, the sales and profit declined a lot and continued for 2 years. To deal with this problem, Puma cooperated with Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, The Weeknd and launch many new goods including the Creeper. As the result, its net income was twice as much as the last year one. When its revenue went up, its website also changed a lot. Let’s take a look at Puma’s website to analyze its UX.

Let’s compare their interface in different devices at first.

img_4624-copy img_4624-copy-copy

By looking at their websites, we can easily find the layouts between different pages are pretty similar. The computer one is almost the same with the tablet one. But the mobile one looks a lot different. The menu is at the top left corner, and the all the labels on top disappear. The red shopping button also becomes bigger. But all in all, the three websites have a good uniformity, and consumers needn’t to get adapt to websites on different devices.

Now, we can analyze the features of Puma’s website.puma0.JPGThe first one is the most important one, visual design. The whole page is designed with black, white and a little red. As for the black and white, their combination can stand for the young and the fashionable. In this way, the red logo and the red shopping button become very obvious. When we look at the Puma logo, we will feel the sense of passion; when we look at the shopping button, we will think of it as the symbol of alert, which shouts to you that “come on, the sales will end tomorrow”.As a result, many people will buy the goods even if they are not very interested in them.

puma1.JPGThen, it’s the turn to explore the information architecture. Because its website is used for online shopping, so the labeling is presented as MEN, WOMEN and so on. So, consumers can find the products they want easily. But  I want to complain one thing. Every time I click the MEN  button, the website will refresh itself instead of show the menu directly, which is really very troublesome. Furthermore, on the top, there are the latest discount news, consumer supports, area switch and our cart. So, customers can find useful information and ask for help easily. Compared with the websites of other sports brands like Adidias and Nike, I think Puma does a better job.2017-02-21-1

Now, you might ask, how about its findability and interaction design? To know the answer, I decide to have a try. I search “X” to seek for the things made by other brands and Puma. The results presented all are products made of cooperation, which is what I want. On the contrary, When I type “X” in Adidas, everything is its X series products. After this, I want to search a specific product. So, typing the “McQueen” to find the shoes made by Alexander Mcqueen and Puma. When I type the “m”, there are lots of results recommended for me, everyone is followed by the number of products.So, just after I typed the “mc”, there is the result for McQueen, and still have 10 products. That’s really amazing. But when I search Bape in Adidas, there is nothing… By comparing the websites, we can find which one is better easily.

In sum, Puma does a good job in its UX design. The visual design is so attracting, and everything there is useful and easy to find. The only suggestion is to list the browsing history at the left or the bottom. Maybe this can increase the sales a lot.

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