Warm stories in my life-1

The note on the title page

Now, it’s almost 12:00 am. Since I have eaten a lot of deserts, that made me too full, I decide to write some unforgettable things in memory of the good moment I had.

This happened in the sophomore year at college. In that time, I had a major and a minor while I was dealing with tasks of several organizations. So, I missed two thirds classes. However, I still felt overwhelmed. As the result, I complained about it with several of my friends who have the same minor with me. They comforted me a lot, but it didn’t work.

timgOne day, after the afternoon nap, I was going to have an accounting course(a required course for my minor). When I opened the textbook, I found a difference. I mean, there was a strange paragraph in the title page I had never wrote before. I felt so weird about this. I was curious about who had wrote this. But I had no idea that time, what I could do was only to focus on these words. Although the paragraph was so short that I could read it in 20s, I was touched by it.

The  paragraph was really very touching.  The author wrote that he was the 28-year-old me come back from the future. He also wrote that “You have to know, you are a person instead of a people in the future. So, be confident, you can definitely overcome every difficult in your life, you can become the man you want to be”. The writer mocked my handwriting and used my style to pretend me.If I asked on of my friends to read them,  some of them would think it’s written by me. However,  I knew it won’t be wrote by me since It’s impossible to me to have such a good handwriting even though it looked like mine.


The note was so surprising to me. I never have imaged that this kind of things would happen to me. I never have supposed that anyone would do such a naive thing to encourage me. I never have thought that I would break into tears in class. Anyway, I really felt that my life was not terrible like I had thought before, it was and would be wonderful and warm.

In the blink of an eye, four years have gone by. I experience a lot of things in this period. But I still can’t forget this. After all, this was a beam of light which brought me from the darkness. So, the author of the letter, if you are reading this article, I want to say “thanks, dude”.

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