New Balance: A superb example of paid advertisement

Maybe all of you have already known paid media. Some of you probably can list some good examples of them. But do you know how to evaluate if a paid advertisement is successful and cost-effective? If the answer is not, take a look at today’s case — a paid advertisement of New Balance on Zappos’ Youtube page.

What is the advertisement?

曲线图On August 11, 2013, Zappos posted a video on its Youtube page to introduce a pair of very special sneakers. In the 90 seconds video, the R&D team of New Balance tell us how do they make the unique glass shoe and how precious it is. This sneaker is not only made of glass, but also the only sample in the world. After being posted, the video gained 183,307 views in total and almost 10,000 per day for two weeks. As the result, people became excited about this sneaker and there were almost 180,000 searching results related to this pair of shoes. Therefore, New Balance made a huge success in enhancing its brand awareness through making a low-cost advertisement.

What is the cost and effect?

As for its expectation, I have found the former videos on Zappos’ Youtube channel, which has almost 6,000 subscribers, to compare. The best similar video posted before was about Nike. It’s posted in 2012 and the number of views of it is 31,396. So, we can guess the expectation of the New Balance video is about 40,000.

As for the price, of course, it’s impossible to find the real number. So, let’s use a list of Youtubers with price to analyze. We can find that the Youtubers who has less than 100,000 subscribers only charge $20~$150 for a video or an episode. So, it’s ok to assume the cost of our New Balance video is $100. In addition, because this glass shoe was sold on Zappos, the expense can be lower.

Nike三万图Now, let’s take a look at the comparison among this video and other similar videos. Here are videos posted by a sneaker influencer Sneaker Talk with tens of thousands subscribers. And it’s We can see, the average of views of their posts is approximately 7,000. How about other influencers like Sneaker Boy and Blake Linder? The answer is the same. But look at ours, 183,307! This is totally different. So, by comparing the cost and the effect, the New Balance video is so lucrative.

Why is it so successful?

In my opinion, it’s reasonable for New Balance to have gained such a huge success because of 鞋子图two reasons. First, Zappos is a good platform. As a famous online shoe store, Zappos is loved by numerous people all over the America. When we type “shoes” in google, the first organic search is Zappos. So, cooperating with Zappos to introduce shoes is definitely a good idea. Second, the video content is attracting. With the unique material and the rarity, the glass sneaker can surprise most of viewers. Even though they can’t afford it, they will still think it’s amazing and have a good impression about New Balance. By the way, the original page of this sneaker has disappeared, so I can’t tell you the price of it. Anyway, it is obviously not cheap.

In sum, for marketers who want to succeed at paid media, it’s necessary to choose a proper platform and create appealing content to make a cost-effective paid advertisement.




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