Five Key Points You Should Know Before Hiring A Marketing Professional

Every time you want to hire a marketing agency to make a campaign, you will ask yourself a lot of questions, such as how does the success look like and what are the KPIs. I believe that you, a good merchant, can always know what you want. However, you might be confused with what can help you succeed. Thus, today, I’d like to introduce five key points you should know before hiring others to create a good digital campaign.UConn-MBA-Digital-Marketing-Strategy.jpg


Content is the king

contentmarketing250.jpgAs for the most vital factor in a good campaign, it must be its content. Content is the most direct way to building a connection with your consumers. Here are three attributes of it.

Firstly, content marketing can generate leads. An interesting blog, a fancy video or even a marvelous picture can direct consumers back to your official website to where they can buy your products.Besides, a high-quality content can spread rapidly and widely on internet. In this way, the company can increase reach and enhance the brand awareness. In addition, good content marketing is cost-effective. The content with attractive content can last longer and gain earned media like consumers’ shares on social platforms. Therefore, the business can earn much more than they paid.


Email works the best

email1.pngAlthough it’s amazing, we have to admit that email marketing is still the easiest and the most effective marketing method. When you want to reach potential consumers and build the brand awareness, mass media like TV can be a good choice. However, during the period when you need to convert your consumers into members or consumers, email works the best.

The main reason is that they trust you because they have given you the permission to contact with them. Moreover, email marketing is economic. After having your consumers’ email address, what you need to do is just to create good content for them. There’s no any other expense. It’s much cheaper than TV commercial and sponsored ads on social media. Furthermore, what make email marketing great is that emails can be personalized. You can send different people distinctive emails with their names according to their preferences. It’s reasonable that people are more likely to buy the products they like the most.


Big data is vital

data-headIt’s universally known that big data is important. Everyone is talking about it and want to use it in their businesses. However, not all of them have a clear understanding of the benefits big data can bring. Big data mainly help us in three aspects.

First of all, it offer insights by analyzing the massive data. Through processing the data, we can know more what do our consumer like to do, what kind of content is the most attracting and which marketing channel is the most cost-effective. Besides, Big data is useful for operating business by give managers live and accurate data. For example, retailers can optimize their stock based one web search trends. In this way, we can make proper changes after analyzing the live data in a short time,Additionally, the big data about the past can be used as a way to predict the future performance. Searching big data about similar campaign is critical and helpful for launching a new campaign. The result enables you to make a more accurate prediction.


Mobile becomes more critical

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAONAAAAJGM2OGY2NTdhLTI1NDQtNDEzNi1hYzc1LWY1NDQwNzk2NTM5OANowadays, mobile marketing becomes more important than ever. According to TIME, six out of seven people have access to mobile phone. Meanwhile 79% smart phones users keep their phones all the time and their average time on mobile phone is 195 minutes. So, mobile marketing is the easiest to reach your consumer 24/7.

Besides, mobile marketing is more convenient for consumers and can attract them to purchase more easily. Both of the “Shop Now” button in Instagram, “Buyable Pins” in Pinterest are the Call To Action for consumers. Every time consumers browse the content on their social media, they probably see the advertisement and want to buy one. With the shopping buttons, they can purchase the products in just one minute, this is totally different from traditional shopping method. Furthermore, you can easily get the data of your consumers through mobile phone. When people use the APP of Starbucks, the company can get their preference of coffees, purchasing power and even their location information. By analyzing the big data, Starbucks can not only give consumers special offers but also improve their own products and services.


social media develops rapidly


In recent several years, social media plays a more important role than before, which makes it necessary for any marketing campaign. There are almost 2.39 billion social network users in the world, which is definitely a huge number for marketers. So, using the social media well can help you to reach plenty of potential consumers all over the world.

Another advantage of social media marketing is the low cost. You spend a little money to reach a large amount of potential consumers. For instance, in Facebook, the price of reaching 8 million people in the United States is 3,000 dollars, it’s far less than the price of TV commercial. In addition, you can manage your own platforms like a Facebook fan page to attract consumers, which is free. At the same time, you can also get some earned media. Your engaging content can get likes, shares and comments, which helps you to attract more consumers.

The five tips are the most important things a client need to know before hiring a marketing agency to create a digital campaign. Understanding how does each marketing channel work can help clients make a more appropriate goal and measure success. So, if you want to ask a marketing professional like me help you, what you should remember is the five points.



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