Five Key Points You Should Know Before Hiring A Marketing Professional

Every time you want to hire a marketing agency to make a campaign, you will ask yourself a lot of questions, such as how does the success look like and what are the KPIs. I believe that you, a good merchant, can always know what you want. However, you might be confused with what can help you succeed. Thus, today, I’d like to introduce five key points you should know before hiring others to create a good digital campaign.UConn-MBA-Digital-Marketing-Strategy.jpg


Content is the king

contentmarketing250.jpgAs for the most vital factor in a good campaign, it must be its content. Content is the most direct way to building a connection with your consumers. Here are three attributes of it.

Firstly, content marketing can generate leads. An interesting blog, a fancy video or even a marvelous picture can direct consumers back to your official website to where they can buy your products.Besides, a high-quality content can spread rapidly and widely on internet. In this way, the company can increase reach and enhance the brand awareness. In addition, good content marketing is cost-effective. The content with attractive content can last longer and gain earned media like consumers’ shares on social platforms. Therefore, the business can earn much more than they paid.


Email works the best

email1.pngAlthough it’s amazing, we have to admit that email marketing is still the easiest and the most effective marketing method. When you want to reach potential consumers and build the brand awareness, mass media like TV can be a good choice. However, during the period when you need to convert your consumers into members or consumers, email works the best.

The main reason is that they trust you because they have given you the permission to contact with them. Moreover, email marketing is economic. After having your consumers’ email address, what you need to do is just to create good content for them. There’s no any other expense. It’s much cheaper than TV commercial and sponsored ads on social media. Furthermore, what make email marketing great is that emails can be personalized. You can send different people distinctive emails with their names according to their preferences. It’s reasonable that people are more likely to buy the products they like the most.


Big data is vital

data-headIt’s universally known that big data is important. Everyone is talking about it and want to use it in their businesses. However, not all of them have a clear understanding of the benefits big data can bring. Big data mainly help us in three aspects.

First of all, it offer insights by analyzing the massive data. Through processing the data, we can know more what do our consumer like to do, what kind of content is the most attracting and which marketing channel is the most cost-effective. Besides, Big data is useful for operating business by give managers live and accurate data. For example, retailers can optimize their stock based one web search trends. In this way, we can make proper changes after analyzing the live data in a short time,Additionally, the big data about the past can be used as a way to predict the future performance. Searching big data about similar campaign is critical and helpful for launching a new campaign. The result enables you to make a more accurate prediction.


Mobile becomes more critical

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAONAAAAJGM2OGY2NTdhLTI1NDQtNDEzNi1hYzc1LWY1NDQwNzk2NTM5OANowadays, mobile marketing becomes more important than ever. According to TIME, six out of seven people have access to mobile phone. Meanwhile 79% smart phones users keep their phones all the time and their average time on mobile phone is 195 minutes. So, mobile marketing is the easiest to reach your consumer 24/7.

Besides, mobile marketing is more convenient for consumers and can attract them to purchase more easily. Both of the “Shop Now” button in Instagram, “Buyable Pins” in Pinterest are the Call To Action for consumers. Every time consumers browse the content on their social media, they probably see the advertisement and want to buy one. With the shopping buttons, they can purchase the products in just one minute, this is totally different from traditional shopping method. Furthermore, you can easily get the data of your consumers through mobile phone. When people use the APP of Starbucks, the company can get their preference of coffees, purchasing power and even their location information. By analyzing the big data, Starbucks can not only give consumers special offers but also improve their own products and services.


social media develops rapidly


In recent several years, social media plays a more important role than before, which makes it necessary for any marketing campaign. There are almost 2.39 billion social network users in the world, which is definitely a huge number for marketers. So, using the social media well can help you to reach plenty of potential consumers all over the world.

Another advantage of social media marketing is the low cost. You spend a little money to reach a large amount of potential consumers. For instance, in Facebook, the price of reaching 8 million people in the United States is 3,000 dollars, it’s far less than the price of TV commercial. In addition, you can manage your own platforms like a Facebook fan page to attract consumers, which is free. At the same time, you can also get some earned media. Your engaging content can get likes, shares and comments, which helps you to attract more consumers.

The five tips are the most important things a client need to know before hiring a marketing agency to create a digital campaign. Understanding how does each marketing channel work can help clients make a more appropriate goal and measure success. So, if you want to ask a marketing professional like me help you, what you should remember is the five points.



Beacon will change the way we shop

beaconSeveral days ago, our professor of digital marketing told about the latest mobile trends. When she introduced Beacon that allow Apps to listen for signals from Beacons in the physical world, I found a new world for the mobile marketing field. After all, it means that our shopping process will change drastically.

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You probably have no idea about how the Beacon works. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you.

ibeacon-communicationBeacon can be divided into two parts, broadcast and receiver. Broadcast means the device that can send signals like text and pictures to other devices. Receiver means the device that can get the information sent by broadcast and react accordingly. In general, broadcast is a fixed device in stores and receiver is the smartphone used by us. They use Bluetooth to communicate with each other, which makes this function more location-based.

Now, you can see, the Beacon is a location-based service which enables consumers to get nearby useful information. How does this technology affects our real life? It mainly has three usage.

Shopping-with-Beacon.jpgFirst, with Beacon, businesses can target their consumers more accurately. Because the broadcast device we use to send information can only reach people nearby, we can find our consumers and send them useful information instead of sending private offers to everyone all over the world.

Second, it enables consumers to know more information. When people turn on the Bluetooth and use specific App to receive message, they can get more information than they can get in the store, like videos, reviews and even social updates.

Third, Beacon gives insights to businesses. Since consumers will use Beacon to get information. The broadcast can get useful messages including how long consumers stay in front of specific products and what are their reactions. In this way, they can get the quantitative data to analyze consumers’ behavior to make corresponding changes.

So, we can know that Beacon can really benefit both of consumers and businesses a lot. However, it still has a couple of drawbacks.

The first problem might be the situation that signals can’t penetrate obstacles like walls and people. It is caused by the technology called Bluetooth Low Energy. BLE can provide the broadcast with a great battery life. As the result, the device has a low strength and can’t reach consumers easily sometimes.

Besides, there is another annoying thing that the message can be replicate. Imagine that you go to Saks Fifth Avenue and get three same messages from Diesel just because you go across the same area for three times, what would you do? Maybe stay away from the area and avoid visiting the same places in Saks. Therefore, in this case, Beacon makes our consumers’ shopping experience worse.

Although it has several problems, it is still an amazing technology that can change people’s life. Thus, a lot of companies including Nike and Ikea are developing it. Here is an example of Nike, maybe we can learn something.

In this video, Nike shows that we can use the Beacon App to find the information of nearby products and buy it online. In my opinion, it’s ok but needs to be better. Like what we mentioned before, it should also give consumers the special offers and let consumers enjoy a high-involvement purchase. For instance, when consumers are waiting in line to check the products out, the App can send them the latest events and advertising. At the same time, if they share the content on their social media, they can get 10% off. In this way, I think consumers can not only save money but also learn more about Nike.


According to the discussion above, we can see that the future of Beacon is great even though the technology is not perfect now. As consumers, what we can do is to wait for the better version of this technology. As marketers, we need to think more, including how it can be used in our companies and how consumers can get benefit from it.

How To Use Big Data As The Key To Success?


Nowadays, Big data becomes a very important part in our daily life. Many people insist it’s necessary for reaching a business goal. But do you really know what it is and how it works? Whatever your answer, it is worthwhile to take a look at this infographic which contains the most important things you need to know about big data. Believe me, it won’t let you down.


final job 1.jpg

New Balance: A superb example of paid advertisement

Maybe all of you have already known paid media. Some of you probably can list some good examples of them. But do you know how to evaluate if a paid advertisement is successful and cost-effective? If the answer is not, take a look at today’s case — a paid advertisement of New Balance on Zappos’ Youtube page.

What is the advertisement?

曲线图On August 11, 2013, Zappos posted a video on its Youtube page to introduce a pair of very special sneakers. In the 90 seconds video, the R&D team of New Balance tell us how do they make the unique glass shoe and how precious it is. This sneaker is not only made of glass, but also the only sample in the world. After being posted, the video gained 183,307 views in total and almost 10,000 per day for two weeks. As the result, people became excited about this sneaker and there were almost 180,000 searching results related to this pair of shoes. Therefore, New Balance made a huge success in enhancing its brand awareness through making a low-cost advertisement.

What is the cost and effect?

As for its expectation, I have found the former videos on Zappos’ Youtube channel, which has almost 6,000 subscribers, to compare. The best similar video posted before was about Nike. It’s posted in 2012 and the number of views of it is 31,396. So, we can guess the expectation of the New Balance video is about 40,000.

As for the price, of course, it’s impossible to find the real number. So, let’s use a list of Youtubers with price to analyze. We can find that the Youtubers who has less than 100,000 subscribers only charge $20~$150 for a video or an episode. So, it’s ok to assume the cost of our New Balance video is $100. In addition, because this glass shoe was sold on Zappos, the expense can be lower.

Nike三万图Now, let’s take a look at the comparison among this video and other similar videos. Here are videos posted by a sneaker influencer Sneaker Talk with tens of thousands subscribers. And it’s We can see, the average of views of their posts is approximately 7,000. How about other influencers like Sneaker Boy and Blake Linder? The answer is the same. But look at ours, 183,307! This is totally different. So, by comparing the cost and the effect, the New Balance video is so lucrative.

Why is it so successful?

In my opinion, it’s reasonable for New Balance to have gained such a huge success because of 鞋子图two reasons. First, Zappos is a good platform. As a famous online shoe store, Zappos is loved by numerous people all over the America. When we type “shoes” in google, the first organic search is Zappos. So, cooperating with Zappos to introduce shoes is definitely a good idea. Second, the video content is attracting. With the unique material and the rarity, the glass sneaker can surprise most of viewers. Even though they can’t afford it, they will still think it’s amazing and have a good impression about New Balance. By the way, the original page of this sneaker has disappeared, so I can’t tell you the price of it. Anyway, it is obviously not cheap.

In sum, for marketers who want to succeed at paid media, it’s necessary to choose a proper platform and create appealing content to make a cost-effective paid advertisement.



Lessons we can learn from BOA’s social media crisis


Would you buy the products of a famous company with a cheap price? You answer maybe yes. But if this company post some unacceptable words on the internet or deal with this kind of emergencies improperly, would you still be their consumers? Today, let’s take a look at a case about Bank of America(BOA) to know how can a bad social media crisis management affect a company.


On June 1st, 2016, Christine McMullen Lindgren, a banker of Bank of America, wrote “I hate face book for this reason you f –king, n—-rs, go back to Africa get over your pity party you created this hatred.” This post insulted numerous black people, including millions of consumers of BOA. As the result, plenty of people not only commented on this post to express their anger, but also criticized Bank of America for recruiting such a racist. The following pictures are some comments left at this post.

Although the management of Bank of America fired Christine in the morning on the next day, most of the consumers were still disappointed with BOA because it only posted a short and insincere statement without any apologize on its Facebook account and Twitter account. But the communications between BOA and its consumers on social media make the situation better. Therefore, with these obvious advantages and drawbacks, this crisis management is just ok instead of good or bad.

3As for the advantages, the first one must be the rapid response for the emergency. BOA dismissed the worker in the morning and posted it on the Internet when they started work, which prevented the ridiculous racist rant from making the public angrier. Besides, its Twitter account “Bank of America Help” listened to the public and added comments when appropriate. To be honest, this is really a good way to deal with the social media crisis which doesn’t have a big negative influence. After all, accompanying the people who add comments on the social media can show how earnest the company is.

However, the boring microblog made the efforts mentioned above somewhat useless. It only stated the decision of the management but didn’t apologize or show their determination to change this.1

We have to know, this is not the first time for BOA to be involved in the discrimination and racism. Just three years ago, BOA paid $2.2 million to 1,100 black job seekers it discriminated against. So, such an insincere statement could destroy the trusts of their black consumers since they would think BOA only want to weaken the post’s influence instead of solving the problem. After all, when solving problems, digging at the roots is better than hacking at the leaves. Moreover, they should communicate with the public on Facebook instead of Twitter because this happened on Facebook and Facebook was the place people focused on the most. In this way, although they did make efforts, but they chose the wrong platform.

VH cong vu & giao tiep cong soIn my opinion, this crisis caused by employees’ improper behavior could have been avoided. For BOA, a good way is to create rules to restrict its employees’ discriminatory words and behaviors, which can have a bad influence on the company. If BOA let its staff know discrimination is with serious punishments in the company, this kind of troubles will be avoided easily. Of course, a better way is to let the staff develop the awareness of equity. This can deal with the underlying cause.

In the case of BOA, its bad PR made its good marketing kind of useless. BOA invested almost 1.7 billion dollars every year in the past several years, which was indeed a big deal. But a bad social media crisis management let lots of consumers stop using its cards.


Now, come back to our question, would you buy the products of a company which annoyed you even if their products are cheaper? The answer is obvious. So, we can see, the marketing is more important for acquiring potential consumers and maintaining existing consumers, and the public relation is more important for dealing with crisis to prevent it from generating bad influence. All in all, to make a company successful, both of marketing and public relation are important.