Three biggest changes in the Consumer Pathway

Every time we want to engage consumers, the first thing comes to our minds maybe the several steps of the consumer pathway. We firmly believe this is the best way to attract potential consumers and interact with our existing consumers. However, the consumer pathway, which was developed by Elmo Lewis in 1898, changed a lot in the past several decades. Let’s take a look at several biggest variations of the consumer pathway.

More Information, Less Contact

Nowadays, as the technology improves, we can get information from others at any time. Even an ordinary housewife can receive dozens of emails every day. As the result, people won’t concentrate on the content in email or message too much, which makes the contact between consumers and companies less effective. My own experience is a good example for this.

emailThe picture besides is the business part of my email, you can see every 15 minutes I will get an email. This starts at 7:00 am and ends at 11:00 pm every day. So, for most of these emails, I only look at their titles to see if there is any discount and then sign them as “read”. In fact, not only me, most of people will do so to the numerous emails. In this way, marketers can’t convey their messages and concepts to the consumers effectively. Therefore, it’s an important task to come up with a proper strategy to stand out in plentiful emails.

As for other social media like Facebook and Instagram, there is the same problem. But because users can see the pictures and videos in their timelines directly, marketers who are able to create interesting videos and fascinating pictures can still attract plenty of consumers.

Of course, doing interesting activities and promotions is also a good way to engage consumers and enhance the relationships between them and company. A good example is the Coke Telephone Booth. The laborers who can’t afford telephone expenses in Dubai can use the bottle caps of Coke Cola to call their family members at Coke Telephone Booth. This strategy is very successful and have increased Coke’s market share a lot in Dubai.

More online shopping, Less Loyalty

Another change of the consumer pathway is the rapid development of online shopping, which makes consumers less loyal than before.

online shopping

online shopping

consumer loyal

consumer loyalty

   According to Google Trends, we can know the online shopping became more and more popular in the past 12 years. However, at the same time, the consumer loyalty decreased drastically. Although this result is so surprising, it’s kind of reasonable. Today, people can compare things on the Internet to ensure the items in their cart are relatively cheap. It’s almost impossible to keep consumers without a competitive discount. For example, you, a big fan of Saks Fifth Avenue, want to buy a sweat whose price is $100, but suddenly Barneys sends you an email to give you 50% off for the same thing, would you insist to buy it at Saks Fifth Avenue. The answer is obvious. After all, the only thing you need to do is opening another website.

So, how can we solve this problem? Well, it depends on your consumer groups. For the consumers who have money to burn, you need to give them the best experience when they purchase, such as providing friendly help when they need and offering drinks at the rest area of the store; for the middle class, you need to give them a comfortable shopping environment and provide some proper discounts; for the consumers who only want to save money, don’t care about the service too much, the only appealing thing is a low price, such as the Last Act of Macy’s. In such a convenient period, marketers should concentrate more on strategies for different consumer groups. Only in this way can they make the marketing successful.

                                                     More Mobile, More opportunities

We also have to focus on the mobile marketing, which brings more opportunities for marketers. Today, the equipment people use the most are their smartphones. 1

The chart above reflects the average hours people spend on their mobile devices each month. It’s amazing, isn’t it? We spend two to three hours every day on our mobile phones. Besides phone call, they use phone to watch TV, listen to music, etc. So, it is a big opportunity for marketers. They can put ads on social medias like Instagram and Youtube. They can also pay some celebrities to do product integration. Anyway, put your ads and messages on where people like to be.

For example, BMW cooperated with Iggy Azalea to make a song called Fancy. In the MV of this song, Iggy and her friends drove a BMW car to avoid a horrible accident.C1-3They post it on Youtube and made a success. In the following weeks, this MV gains millions of views. During the same period, the sales of BMW increased a lot and its stock price increased from $79 to $93. According to Quora, 61% people who watch videos on Youtube use their mobile devices instead of desktop computers, which means the mobile devices contribute the most to the success of this the campaign. BMW would not have gained such a huge benefit if they have used billboard advertising because no one would have cared it. In the epoch dominated by mobile devices, using the right strategy to reach the right consumers at the right place is very vital for any company.


In sum, the situations of the consumer pathway changed a lot in the past tens of years. To achieve success, we have to pay more attention to our content, strategy and channels. Only in this way can we stand out in numerous competitors.


Warm stories in my life-1

The note on the title page

Now, it’s almost 12:00 am. Since I have eaten a lot of deserts, that made me too full, I decide to write some unforgettable things in memory of the good moment I had.

This happened in the sophomore year at college. In that time, I had a major and a minor while I was dealing with tasks of several organizations. So, I missed two thirds classes. However, I still felt overwhelmed. As the result, I complained about it with several of my friends who have the same minor with me. They comforted me a lot, but it didn’t work.

timgOne day, after the afternoon nap, I was going to have an accounting course(a required course for my minor). When I opened the textbook, I found a difference. I mean, there was a strange paragraph in the title page I had never wrote before. I felt so weird about this. I was curious about who had wrote this. But I had no idea that time, what I could do was only to focus on these words. Although the paragraph was so short that I could read it in 20s, I was touched by it.

The  paragraph was really very touching.  The author wrote that he was the 28-year-old me come back from the future. He also wrote that “You have to know, you are a person instead of a people in the future. So, be confident, you can definitely overcome every difficult in your life, you can become the man you want to be”. The writer mocked my handwriting and used my style to pretend me.If I asked on of my friends to read them,  some of them would think it’s written by me. However,  I knew it won’t be wrote by me since It’s impossible to me to have such a good handwriting even though it looked like mine.


The note was so surprising to me. I never have imaged that this kind of things would happen to me. I never have supposed that anyone would do such a naive thing to encourage me. I never have thought that I would break into tears in class. Anyway, I really felt that my life was not terrible like I had thought before, it was and would be wonderful and warm.

In the blink of an eye, four years have gone by. I experience a lot of things in this period. But I still can’t forget this. After all, this was a beam of light which brought me from the darkness. So, the author of the letter, if you are reading this article, I want to say “thanks, dude”.

New Balance: not only an APP, but also a Lifestyle

   Several days ago, I have done some researches about Puma, the new star of sportswear market. In the process, I found that Puma didn’t had an official APP, which surprised me a lot. Therefore, I decided to explore which sportswear brand has the best app. After browsing Adidas, Vans and so on, I found the one I love the most–New Balance.

NB.LOGO.Linear.186c   When I opened it at the first time, I am surprised. Before this APP, I didn’t believe that a brand can be so attracting and useful. In other words, it’s more a lifestyle than just an app. You probably don’t believe the words I wrote. So, I will show you how amazing this app is. During our exploring, you can know its visual design, information architecture, usability, accessibility, etc. I bet you will love it since then.

                                                           Wow, so personalized!

Well, I will share about the story I use it for the first time. When I opened it, I was surprised. What? I have to sign in?


At the moment, the app became a troublesome thing in my mind. After all, I didn’t need to create an account In other apps. But then, when I opened it, I found I could use my Facebook account to log in, which was much more convenient. After I logged in, the first thing came out was a personalized questionnaire.

It’s the first time I feel that I am treated like a VIP in a sportswear app. So, with the excitement, I chose my birthday, interests and so on. After finishing it, I got the email from New Balance immediately, which told me I ccould enjoy a birthday reward and personalized offers. OMG! That’s awesome, This email let me think the New Balance company considered everything for me, which made me like this app.

                                                          Convenient navigation!

Then, I began to look at its interface and menu. The visual design is simple and stylish like its website. On the homepage, we could see the “Leroy BRONZE, 750 NB POINTS” on the first row, which reminded me that I was a beginner in their member system.

Several articles possessed most part of the homepage. Their topics were different from each other. Some were to analyze the application of their products in exercises, and some were to promote their best sellers. In the middle of the bottom, there was a New Balance button that contained five functions we used most in stores. From “home”, ” shop”, ”check in” to “history”. The red “shop” button not only presented the visual design of New Balance, but also let people know that the shopping is the most important. Clicked the menu button on the left, we could see the app is divided in to several parts.

Despite what we can find in the bottom button, there were things like “find a store”, “ways to earn”, “RUN IQ”(its smart watch). These things were used more when we were outside stores. Isn’t it such a clever design? In the end, let’s use the “shop” function. The RUN IQ took up most of the page. Then, there were “Men”, ”WOMEN”, “KIDS” and its products designed by NB and J.Crew together. Everything is very convenient and easy to use. As for the detailed categories, they are great, too!

Usability is OK

Then, I was wondering if I can find the product I want to buy. So, I decided to search for a pair of shoes called “574 reflective”. When I entered the word reflective, it appeared. Besides, there are different colors, sizes and widths I could choose. So sweet! However, I was confused about that the app has no “filter” and “sort”. Come on, I was not the big fan of New Balance, I can’t recognize my shoes at once from hundreds of shoes. I thought the UX designer of New Balance should change it later.

Accessibility needs improvement

After this, when I wanted to know more about the “574 reflective”, I was surprised that the app had no any detail about its product. Really? They have no any information to describe their products?With this question, I opened its website and found there were information from type to description.

Therefore, I guessed this was caused by the designer’s laziness. After all, this was only a “copy & paste” thing.

Clever loyalty system

To be honest, the accessibility was not as good as I expected. But there’s another thing let me love it again. It is the loyalty system. We had seen the “BRONZE, 750 NB POINTS” before. I was curious about what it is. So, I clicked the “rewards”. It’s amazing.
img_4723 I could use the points to get a $10 discount coupon for purchase more than $25; I could donate $3 to the need only if I spend 1,500 points; I could become the premium member of Strava (an app used to track athletic activity via GPS) for one month. So great! Then, I found I can get hundreds of points by doing things like following New Balance on Facebook, complete my account profile, etc. Every time I buy things from NB, I can get the corresponding points, too. The more money I spend, the more points I can get. I can also get points if I use Strava when I exercise. From this aspect, I think New Balance does a good job because this loyalty system can really attract consumers to use this app in their daily lives.

In sum, compared with apps of other sportswear brands, New Balance does a good job. Although it doesn’t contain some information like the detail of products, (it still) makes the app more a lifestyle instead of only an application.

The outstanding UX in my eyes.

Hey, everybody.Today, I’d like to share my opinions about the User Experience(UX) of an amazing sport company whose stock increased by more than 50% in the last year.

puma-stockWhat came to your mind when I mentioned sport?  The first one might be Adidas, which is loved by numerous consumers for its comfortable fabrics, fascinating design and  popularity among celebrities. However, the one I will talk about later is Adidas’ brother, Puma.

Puma established in 1948, it experienced plenty of business transformations and overcame a lot of difficulties in the past several decades and finally becomes a large public company. But in 2013, because Puma was undergoing one of its biggest reorganizations, the sales and profit declined a lot and continued for 2 years. To deal with this problem, Puma cooperated with Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, The Weeknd and launch many new goods including the Creeper. As the result, its net income was twice as much as the last year one. When its revenue went up, its website also changed a lot. Let’s take a look at Puma’s website to analyze its UX.

Let’s compare their interface in different devices at first.

img_4624-copy img_4624-copy-copy

By looking at their websites, we can easily find the layouts between different pages are pretty similar. The computer one is almost the same with the tablet one. But the mobile one looks a lot different. The menu is at the top left corner, and the all the labels on top disappear. The red shopping button also becomes bigger. But all in all, the three websites have a good uniformity, and consumers needn’t to get adapt to websites on different devices.

Now, we can analyze the features of Puma’s website.puma0.JPGThe first one is the most important one, visual design. The whole page is designed with black, white and a little red. As for the black and white, their combination can stand for the young and the fashionable. In this way, the red logo and the red shopping button become very obvious. When we look at the Puma logo, we will feel the sense of passion; when we look at the shopping button, we will think of it as the symbol of alert, which shouts to you that “come on, the sales will end tomorrow”.As a result, many people will buy the goods even if they are not very interested in them.

puma1.JPGThen, it’s the turn to explore the information architecture. Because its website is used for online shopping, so the labeling is presented as MEN, WOMEN and so on. So, consumers can find the products they want easily. But  I want to complain one thing. Every time I click the MEN  button, the website will refresh itself instead of show the menu directly, which is really very troublesome. Furthermore, on the top, there are the latest discount news, consumer supports, area switch and our cart. So, customers can find useful information and ask for help easily. Compared with the websites of other sports brands like Adidias and Nike, I think Puma does a better job.2017-02-21-1

Now, you might ask, how about its findability and interaction design? To know the answer, I decide to have a try. I search “X” to seek for the things made by other brands and Puma. The results presented all are products made of cooperation, which is what I want. On the contrary, When I type “X” in Adidas, everything is its X series products. After this, I want to search a specific product. So, typing the “McQueen” to find the shoes made by Alexander Mcqueen and Puma. When I type the “m”, there are lots of results recommended for me, everyone is followed by the number of products.So, just after I typed the “mc”, there is the result for McQueen, and still have 10 products. That’s really amazing. But when I search Bape in Adidas, there is nothing… By comparing the websites, we can find which one is better easily.

In sum, Puma does a good job in its UX design. The visual design is so attracting, and everything there is useful and easy to find. The only suggestion is to list the browsing history at the left or the bottom. Maybe this can increase the sales a lot.

Some thoughts after seeing myself through the lens


Several days ago, our professor asked us to took a Fascination Advantage Test which is created by Sally Hogshead and can reveal how the world see us. The all things you need to do is to complete 28 questions. Here is an video about what’s it!

Before I heard this at the first time, I had done dozens of similar questionnaires, all of them asked a question and then gave me a simple analysis, which can represent most people. Therefore, at that time, I thought this questionnaire was very useless. However, after doing this, although there were a couple of descriptions different from me, I still found it had several right points. In other words, it’s not totally right but somewhat useful.


There are seven advantages for people, including Innovation, mystique, passion, alert, trust, power and prestige. The author combine two of them to create 49 results for participants. 4.JPG

For me, my primary one is Mystique, and my second one is Innovation. The two characteristics are combined to “The Secret Weapon”. Moreover, my six of the seven advantages are far higher than the average level (The maximum is 10 and the average is 6-7, most advantages are the 8-10) except the Trust.

3.jpgThis is what I looks like when I first saw it because it’s totally different from my expectation. I am a positive, lovely, trustful and sometimes stupid guy in the eyes of my friends. Besides, I am not a quiet worker either. So, it’s hard to combine Mystique and Innovation with me. But I agree with several points like making every detail more influential, remaining calm in situations of pressure and so on.

Since everything came out from the questionnaire, I decided to know the reason why it’s far from my expectation. When I thought about the questions in the questionnaire, I found three reasons for the difference. First, there is a cultural difference. The questions are mainly about lifestyle and work. But as an Asian people, I care more about my family and friends. As the result, I can’t express myself thoroughly. Second, some of the seven advantages are achievements instead of personalities. So, it’s not a good idea to use all of them to describe people. Third, we can make different impressions on different people, and most of these impressions are not what we think about ourselves. Therefore, it is reasonable that I can find something unexpected.


Admittedly, I don’t agree with all content of the report, but I have to say it’s beneficial for both the marketer (Sally Hogshead) and the participants. For the marketer, she uses a good way to come across her ideas and become more famous. After becoming more famous, she will be invited to more activities like TED and get more opportunities. For the participants, they can use the report they get to know their intense focuses and dormant advantages even though the report is not totally right. This is a good way to analyze and explore themselves.Once they think this is useful, they will introduce it to their friends, which becomes a kind of earned media. All in all, this is really a successful and helpful marketing not only because it attracts millions of participants, but also because it helps plenty of people. If you want to have a try of this test, you can click the link below.

TED talk about the Fascination Advantage Test:




MUJI: The Simplest Is The Best


Are you tired with the impetuous world? Are you bored with the busy life? Do you want to pursue a peaceful moment to feel how good our lives can be? If your answer is yes, you need to take a look at MUJI, which enables you to live close to nature to enjoy a comfortable and cozy life.

MUJI, which was established during the 1980s, is a famous Japanese retail company that sells various household and consumer goods. Its goods are distinguished by the natural and simple design, the recyclable material and the “no-logo” policy. The following several items are MUJI’s best sellers.(Acrylic Case 5 Drawers and Aroma Disffuser) All of them can show the concept of MUJI.

Acrylic Case 5 Drawers.JPG        Aroma Diffuser 2.JPG

Besides the good design, the quality of MUJI is also pretty reliable. According to, most MUJI’s goods get a score more than 4.4 out of 5. Many consumers write about how these goods are beautiful, useful and reliable.

Although MUJI have a couple of advantages that make it successful, it can’t promote several kinds of goods like makeups well because of its market positioning. MUJI introduce the conception of using natural and eco-friendly items. So, every time people think of MUJI, they would not combine MUJI with colorful makeups. In this way, if MUJI sell things like lips, it can’t compete with professional makeup companies like Tom Ford and Armani.

Furthermore, MUJI does well in the digital marketing. Its marketing group manage different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and so on. Although they don’t have as many followers as other brands, including Ikea, their followers are more loyal and activate. Almost 14% of their followers will watch their each video posted on Instagram, but only 4% of Ikea, which is a competitor of MUJI, will watch the video on Ikea’s page. As for the reason why the customers of MUJI love it a lot, the main reason must be the creative and distinctive advertisements. They usually put several objects on the screen and show how can it be used by people in daily life. The light tone, arbitrary action and airy music can let viewers enjoy a tranquil life. The following are several moments of MUJI’s best advertisements. It asks one question “what is MUJI” and doesn’t give any answer in the end. But you can know the answer after watching it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


In my opinion, MUJI is an interesting brand. It has different kinds of unique products, a clear marketing positioning and a good digital marketing strategy. All of these characteristics enable MUJI to become one of the most popular retail company all over the world. If you are interested in MUJI, don’t hesitate, these goods are better than what you expected.

MUJI wesite:




Welcome to my blog

img_4226Although I am typing words to write my first blog, I have to admit that I don’t like to write or even read blogs until yesterday. I am a very lazy and impulsive person who only concentrates on beautiful photos and interesting short videos, so it is incredible for me to operate my own blog.  But yesterday, I browsed a lot of blogs of different people, I am attracted by blog. Its length is good for us to express our idea comprehensively and precisely; its form helps us to find more like-minded people; most importantly, writing a blog enables us to summarize useful information, which is different from sending a short joke on twitter. Therefore, blog is really help me, and for you.

I open this blog is to share some useful and interesting marketing information with you. Maybe you think it is nothing to do with you. But I have to tell you that it does influence you a lot in your daily life. At morning, you open your computer to know where to buy the cheapest  toilet paper, it is marketing; at noon, you use the coupon got from Groupon to eat at a nearby restaurant, it is marketing; at night, you watch an fascinating video made by Zara on Instagram and  decide to buy a sweater from Zara, it is marketing. Furthermore, each person can be an individual brand, the more followers you have, the more expensive your account is. So, after knowing these facts, do you still think marketing is not worthwhile to learn about?

It’s indeed an exciting thing to start writing my own blog. In the following several months, I would like to share the latest marketing trend, some typical marketing cases and useful tips, etc.. I would also like to share some interesting photos and videos. If you are interested in these, my blog is the place you want.